New staff member–Amy Graham

Amy Graham

Amy Graham

Bella Ortiz, Staff Reporter

Official job title: “I am Mount Si’s Agricultural education teacher.”

Education: “I graduated from Tahoma High School in Maple Valley. I went to Washington State University. My original major was agriculture education. Halfway through I changed majors, and became an agribusiness major, so I have that. Then I have a minor in agriculture economics, and went to work in the industry. I worked for produce companies, and worked for a temperature-monitoring company, and worked in the wine industry. I did all sorts of agricultural-based jobs, and then decided I wanted to get back into teaching, because everything comes full circle. I went to Central and got my CTE certificate, and then did my student teaching back at Tahoma, and here I am!”

How has your experience at Mount Si been? “It’s fantastic. I love that the students are enthusiastic. Everyone has been very helpful.”

What do you like best about MSHS? “I like that it’s close to where I live. I like being a member of our community here. I am excited that I have this program now, because I believe that agriculture touches your life every single day of your life, and I think people need to be more aware of it.”

What is your favorite snack food? “I like good ole’ fashioned cooked on the stove, buttered popcorn.”

How many kids do you have? “I have two boys, a sixth grader and an eighth grader, and they are both at Twin Falls.”

What do you like to do in your free time? “We do a lot of stuff together. I like to go camping. I like to do anything outdoors. I also like fishing, and going to the beach.”