New staff member–Dennis Crane

Dennis Crane

Dennis Crane

Allyson Tarantino, Staff Reporter

Official Job Title? “Teacher for Photo and Digital Media”

Education? “I got my degree from WSU and I taught at Western”

Work Experience? “Taught in Honduras which is in Central America for 13 months.” Also taught for 30+ years in the Bellevue School District

What do you like best about Mount Si? “I love the kids, respect, and curiosity”

Out of all the classes you teach which is your favorite and why? “Photography. But I have a side business which is a sports photographer”

What made you want to teach photo at Mount Si? “Well I used to teach S.T.E.M and I was looking to retire for the last 7-to-8 years but this position opened up and I was very excited to take it. All my friends and Mr. [Joe] Dockery helped me out a lot!”

What type of photography most interests you? “Definitely Bicycle Racing”