New staff member–Sara Dunlap-Bogan

Juliana Estrada, Staff Reporter

What is your official job title and what subject is it for?I am the Drama Club Director/Adviser.”

Where did you go to school? What degree(s) do you have?I have a bachelor’s degree in performance studies from Louisiana State University and a master’s degree in theatre education from Emerson College. I am certified to teach both drama and language arts.”

What is your experience with your job title? Where else have you worked at doing this job?I have taught students of all ages both in schools and arts education programs. Before coming to Mount Si, I worked extensively with Studio East (in Kirkland) teaching and directing for their outreach program as well as classes and camps.”

What do you like best about Mount Si? “I appreciate the enthusiasm, humor, and flexibility of the students at Mount Si. They are also incredibly hard-working and driven.”

What are three of your favorite musicals and/or plays or productions?Into the Woods,”” Wonderland Town,” and “Anything Goes” are three of my favorite musicals.

What do you like to do for fun?I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, and spending time with my family.”