New staff member–Jill Waskom

Jill Waskom

Jill Waskom

Sam Husemann, Staff Reporter

Prior experience and education?: “I did my undergrad work at Washington State University, where I got my degree in physical education, health and a minor in English. So when I first started teaching, as a 23 year old, I started at the high school level then, and I taught health, PE, and English. And I can remember just feeling so overwhelmed. Now I taught for seven years, and then I had my kid, and was a stay at home mom. As a stay at home mom, my child, Joey, got into school as a kindergartener, and then I started substitute teaching. I’ve been a substitute teacher in the Snoqualmie valley for 7 years before I went back to work as a elementary PE teacher. That was for the last 5 years, and then I went to Issaquah for 5 years before I took this job, happily. I’m just thrilled to be back at the high school level, working with these crazy kids, which is great! Always been a teacher, always been a mom.”

What classes do you teach and advise?: “So ASB, and I also have three health classes, and racquet sports.”

What do you do in ASB?: “We run the school! I’m basically learning as I go, and learning from all of these guys. I feel like the students know than I do, but we work well. I feel like everything that happens in this building has a lot to do with what the ASB kids and what they’re putting on. We do everything, but I don’t want it to sound like I don’t think anybody else does stuff too. We put on all the dances, the activities, the Wildcat TV, you know we just finished our new student breakfast yesterday morning that we put on, and it was, I thought, really well done. I didn’t get to stay for all of it, but the kids looked like they were being really welcoming, and super interested in the new kids, so that was great. Yeah, we fund and provide money for most if not all of the clubs, athletics, and all the activities that happen at this school. All the dances, the freshman lock-in that’s coming up, and gosh, a lot.”

Why prompted you to become a teacher?: “My parents were educators, my dad was a school superintendent, my mom was a high school counselor growing up, and I just love kids, and I love the energy, especially of the high school and helping in the lives of young people.”

Favorite thing about MSHS?: “The students. The kids.”

Where are you from?: “I grew up in western Washington. I went to high school in Sequim.  I graduated from Sequim in 1988, and I’ve just basically lived all over until moving to Snoqualmie.”

How long have you lived in the valley?: “I moved to Snoqualmie 15 years ago, and I raised my family and my kids here.”

Do you have any children or pets?: Yes, I have two children. My daughter Hannah graduated from Mount Si in 2017, and she went to the University of Washington. She’s awesome. And then my son Joe, is a senior here. It’s my last year with him, so I’m really excited to get to be here with him for one year before he graduates.”

Stairs or ramps?: “I like ramps. I don’t mind walking up stairs, but ramps are just easier.”

Favorite sport?: “Running. Cross country, track. That kind of stuff.”

One Interesting fact?: “Okay, let’s see. This summer I went to Europe. I ran cross country and track in college too, which is kind of interesting.”

Anything else we should know?: “I just want to help make Mount Si a great place for kids to be, and I’m always open to suggestions and input on how we’re gonna do that.”