New staff member–Hannah Mowry

Hannah Mowry

Hannah Mowry

Sydney Check, Staff Reporter

What is your official job title?  “I am one of two instrumental music directors, so I teach band, orchestra, and music collaboration and creativity class. I teach one band that is all freshman, and the rest are mixed grade levels.”

What is your educational background; where did you go to school? “I got my degree in music education with a specialty in instrumental, and I went to Central Washington University. I have a minor in interdisciplinary honors. It was part of the honors program, I did the honors college at Central. Basically, it’s the cross disciplinary, like they would take different elements from history, or math..different content areas, and they would do classes that were cross discipline. They worked on how to put that into your own classrooms and life.”

What is your experience in your profession?  “I am a first-year, brand-spanking-new teacher, but I had a lot of really cool teaching opportunities of teaching college… I’ve worked in four other school districts as a coach for different ensembles, but this is my first year as a certified teacher in a classroom with my own classes.”

What do you like best about MSHS so far? “I love this school. Probably the community element, my first football game was last Friday and I got to bring our pep band down. I was just taken aback from the community support and love, and we’re the only high school in the Snoqualmie area, so I just feel like it is a very positive atmosphere.”

What is your favorite food? “Probably lasagna. I LOVE lasagna, you just put all the best food ingredients together.”

What is your favorite movie? “That’s tough. I’ll go with my first favorite movie… it was ‘School of Rock.’ With MCC class, that music collaboration class, I kind of feel like I get to be Jack Black.”

What are your favorite instruments to play or listen to? “Well, I’m a trumpet player, so obviously trumpet is my jam. That’s my home base, but, I also really love the flute. I think if I were to be reincarnated as a different musician I would play the flute. I also really like the cello… and trombone.”

What is your favorite music genre“You know, that’s a hard question for me, but I am a really melting pot of all genres. Obviously, classical and jazz music are what I’ve been trained in, what I really love to listen to– but as far as popular music goes, I am a huge hip hop fan. I love hip hop music– love it. Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce…”


 Have you always wanted to be a music teacher?  “Since the fourth grade, when I was inspired by my elementary school teacher I knew that I wanted to teach music. I was like, ‘I wanna be cool like this lady.’ And then of course as I developed my skill as a musician, it just became more clear that’s where I was gonna go. I’ve known for a long time.”


What makes a great musician? “Probably number one would be grit. You know, perseverance. You have a lot of ups and downs as a musician, a lot of really difficult and self critical moments, so to get past that is a feat for sure. I think probably right up there is your ability to work with people and to be a positive energy and light. That’s almost equally important. Your level of musicianship is important, but how you interact with other humans… There’s lots of example where there are great musicians but they kinda suck as colleagues.”