New staff member–Gracie Thompson

Gracie Thompson

Gracie Thompson

Noah Young, Staff Reporter

What is your official Job Title? “ I teach FACSE courses, also known as Family and Consumer Science Education. At SVSD I teach CTE Health and CTE Creative Cooking.”

Where did you go to college? “ I attended Western Washington University and took enough classes to receive my 5th year degree (almost a Master’s degree) in Education.”

What experience do you have as a teacher? “I have 14 years experience teaching High School. In addition I have also taught preschool and school-age children.”

Favorite thing about MSHS?” At the risk of sounding cliche’, I have to say that the students at SVSD are my favorite part of Mount Si High School. I am finding my students to be really fun people who are friendly, self-disciplined learners and are thoughtful about others and the world.”

Is there anything else I should know?I moved to Issaquah in February, 2018 (actually I am still settling in) after living and teaching in the Whatcom County area for many years. I love my new neighborhood and community. The drive to and from school every day is pretty cool since views of mountains and wooded areas inspire me. I enjoy hiking in nature, playing tennis and most of all I enjoy all types of dancing and music. I am finding Mt.Si High School to be an AWESOME place to invest my energy and I am thankful to be a part of this wonderful growing”
community of learners!