Soft furniture to be banned in new building

Victoria Bivins, Staff Reporter

Don’t you love walking into your next class and going straight to the comfy sofa in the back to relax while you do your work? Well, say goodbye to that furniture next year.

The new school building is going to undergo a tremendous amount of change. The school is going to be a complete green building meaning that it’s going to be a healthy environment that increases learning, all while decreasing energy use, environmental resources, and the amount of money it costs to create it. The school is going to be brand new so that means there has to be all new furniture and rules.

In preparation for the opening of the new building, the administration has enacted a new rule against is  soft furniture. This means furniture brought from home such as couches and upholstered chairs will not be allowed new in the new building.

This rule is standard in new buildings because “allergies are big time problems,” Principal John Belcher said.

Soft furniture is a magnet for dust and dirt, as well as animal dander brought from home. All of these substances can affect students and staff with allergies and asthma negatively.

There are other reasons for institute such a rule. For example, if one teacher leaves the school to teach elsewhere, then they often leave behind all of furniture and a new teacher takes over their classroom.

“Whose responsibility is it to throw out the old furniture?” Belcher asked. 

Often times, the responsibility for removing unwanted furniture falls to the school district, adding unnecessary expenses.

Teachers and staff were told about the new rule at the end of last school year and again at the beginning of this year. That way, they have ample time to make plans to remove any soft furniture prior to the move to the new building.

Banning soft furniture has become standard practice when opening a new school building.

“We’re [just] following other schools like North Creek and Tahoma,” Belcher said.

Not only does the decision have health and financial benefits, it has a positive aesthetic benefit as well.

“Having people see the new school with nice looking furniture” is a plus, Belcher said.