‘Early Man’ provides sweet stop-motion laughs

Jessica Garcia, Staff Reporter

“Early Man” is a charming, stop-motion, comedy/adventure film directed by Nick Park–the creator of “Wallace and Gromit.”

Stop-motion movies usually stand out to me because I love how they look in the end, and I appreciate how much work is put into these types of projects.

Unfortunately, this is not a movie I would watch again as the plot did not intrigue me. This film was about the invention of soccer or “football.” The cavemen from the Stone Age had to compete against the more “evolved humans” from the Bronze Age to save their home from getting ripped apart for gold.

Even though I was not completely captivated by the plot, I can see this being a great movie for many families as there is a lot of silly humor including nonsexual nudeness and funny one-liners. Also there is a sweet emphasis on teamwork, as well as the acknowledgement of female athletes’ contributions to sports.

If you have younger siblings, or kids to babysit, it could provide a nice break from Disney or Illumination films

 3.75 out of 5

Rated PG

Streaming on : HBO