‘Deadpool 2’ fails to live up to the original

Toby Hatch, Staff Reporter

Sorry, Deadpool fans, but if you were expecting more of the rich and compelling family friendly story telling that got you hooked at the release of “Deadpool” (2016), then I am afraid you be very disappointed in this sequel.

You may remember that at the end of the last movie, they finished on a happy note leaving the main character as a blank slate to be worked on in the inevitable follow-up. This new movie uses that blank slate to take a different much darker turn, right from the start. The hero who we fondly remember as happy with anger problems is now transformed into an off-balanced negative cesspool of a hero.

So even if the character we fell in love with in the first movie may not have held up, how did the story telling turn out?

The sad fact is that no part of this series held up into the sequel. At points throughout the movie the plot just starts to seem forced, it lacks any sort of fluidity and the majority of the plot relies on some very unlikely and unbelievable circumstances and decisions.

In the start of the movie you see the introduction of a multitude of new characters who are nearly all brutally killed off within minutes of their introductions, dashing the viewers’ hopes of some semblance of character connection and development happening. All the deaths of these characters just feel hollow and make you wonder about the necessity of having new characters introduced in the first place–was it just for some cheap sick laughs?

Then as the movie progresses you start to realize how cliche the movie’s plot really is, and when finally the student turns against mentor it cannot be considered a surprise by any means and our hero’s come out on top getting everything they want as always is with the classic superhero movie formula.

Overall, if you’re looking to kill a couple of hours and the cost of a rental, by all means this is the movie for you. Otherwise, don’t bother taking the family out for this as it will just lead to disappointment.


“Deadpool 2” is rated R for strong violence and language throughout., with sexual references and brief drug material.

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