Hold off on the holiday celebrations to keep them special


Bryce Hall, Staff Reporter

For many Americans, the holiday season is an extremely important part of the year and is extremely cherished when it rolls around every year. However, it is to my belief that the holidays should be celebrated strictly after Thanksgiving day.

Many people, not all however, like to start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween ends. But where’s the fun in that?!

he leaves are still on the trees, the weather is still relatively warm, and it probably hasn’t even frosted over in the morning yet! How can you be in the Christmas spirit when you’re stepping on soggy leaves as you walk throughout the neighborhood, instead of the satisfying crunchiness of frost-covered leaves or the crunch of snow under your feet?

Besides, Halloween just ended, how about we take a break and sit down for a while.

Having a gap between holidays allows people to adjust for the Christmas spirit, instead of drastically adjusting their Halloween spirit to their Christmas spirit the day after. And it’s so much satisfying for Christmas to start after you’ve waited for around a month!

The excitement just keeps building up until finally you can release your Christmas joy in a sudden burst of Christmas music and tree ornaments. Also, if Christmas is confined to a period after Thanksgiving, doesn’t that make it more cherishable?

You can look forward to that little sliver of joy and jolly all year and finally dedicate all of your energy to one short month of Christmas, instead of becoming bored and drained of your Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving even rolls around.

Anyway, I rest my case. Christmas, and other holiday celebrations, should be confined to after Thanksgiving so you can build up your holiday joy and finally cherish it for the rest of the holiday season!