The time for holiday decoration is NOW


Kate Gage, Staff Reporter

Through both the struggles and positives that quarantine has brought us, decorating for the holidays early is beneficial.

This time of unforeseen circumstances have been very harsh on everyone, bringing uncertainty and questions that there aren’t always answers to. While the debate of the decorations losing their spirit is a constant topic around this time, alongside the argument that Thanksgiving deserves to shine as well, the brief period of the holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah deserve more time.

I find that when putting up decorations for the Christmas season, I am already taking them down again one month later. While some people prefer to have their decorations on display for only a short period of time, I argue that they should be up longer.

My Christmas decorations add to the spirit and the joy of our holiday, bringing my family together, bringing a smile to our faces, and creating warmth in the house while it is cold and wintery outside. While it sounds like a cheesy Hallmark movie, I find it to be true. Without our decorations up early, the house is the same it always is. Decorating for the holidays is a time that my family and I cherish.

Since not many people decorate for the fall holidays such as Thanksgiving, starting the holiday season early creates an environment filled with more cheer. I haven’t heard of many people who get sick of the holiday season unless they don’t enjoy it from the start. Due to being quarantined, I have found that it is important to find happiness in the small things such as decorating. Decorating early and becoming spirited for the holiday months ahead give that sense of certainty during this time. Decorating early gives me the memories of when everything was normal, a time where being quarantined was not so real.

While the holiday months are different for all, through being celebrated differently, decorated at different times, and spent differently, these months are meant to bring a time of cheer and a sense of family. Who wouldn’t want to create that atmosphere early?