Hallmark movies are a holiday guilty pleasure


Kendall Kovall, Staff Reporter

This past weekend, I found myself sitting on the couch, flipping through Christmas movie options. I’ve already seen most of the classics, and I wasn’t really in the mood for anything too dramatic. In an instant, it was as if the Hallmark movies section was calling to me.

I’ve found that with most people, it’s a love-hate relationship with these movies in particular. They tend to be called out for their bad acting, cliche plots and oh-so-basic titles. While those points may be true, the holiday season simply would not be as bright without Hallmark movies.

The movie I picked for this weekend was “Coming Home for Christmas”, simply due to the fact that it struck my eye first and it just so happened to be free. Throughout the movie, I realized key things about Hallmark movies that no one actually points out.

For starters, these movies are perfect for watching when you don’t have the energy to actually pay attention. I was able to do my homework while watching this since I didn’t have to pay much attention to it. Whether you are baking, completing an assignment or scrolling through Instagram, these movies make the perfect background noise for any activity!

Also, they almost always have a heartwarming ending, which is a great way to get you in the holiday spirit. None of them ever have a sad ending, which is perfect, since no one wants to be in tears during the holidays.

Plus, although incredibly cliche, the plots never really get old. I mean, come on, everyone knows that cliche plots always work. It’s just something about meeting an old fling in a cafe that gets me every single time.

Whether Hallmark movies have been a tradition for you or not, I encourage you to spend an hour and a half this holiday season testing the waters. You never know, they could become your new favorite holiday tradition!