MSHS named to ‘Best High School’ List

Bella Ortiz, Staff Reporter

Mount Si has been named one of the best high schools list by U.S. News World Report, ranking 1,243 in the nation and 18th in Washington state.

Mount Si has many opportunities available that has led the school to obtain this ranking. AP testing, AP scores, reading and math levels are all reasons Mount Si was placed on this list.

“[It is] definitely a good way to bring recognition to a school, a nice honor and recognition,”Principal John Belcher said.

While he is excited for the school to receive recognition, Belcher cautions that the U.S News rankings don’t evaluate all aspects of a school when  making their decisions.

“It is a very narrow focus on what they believe makes a great school, and in my opinion much more should be evaluated [than] test scores,” he said.

Teachers are also thrilled about this accomplishment.

“[It] doesn’t surprise me, we have some really dedicated teachers here and supportive administrators that care about the students. Not to mention the great community that we are a part of! We may be 1,243rd, but I wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else!” science teacher Erik Spohn said.

Along with people on staff at Mount Si, students also are enthusiastic about this achievement.

“This is a great achievement and it makes me more proud to attend Mount Si,” Sam Husemann said.