‘Aquaman’ isn’t amazing, but it is lighthearted fun

Michael Carter, Staff Reporter

“Aquaman” is not a movie to go see when you are looking for an amazing story, nor is it really up to par with a majority of Marvel movies, but it is actually quite an enjoyable experience.

As a superhero, there really isn’t much to work with for “Aquaman.” It is more than likely that this movie would’ve never got off the ground or even been considered if the character wasn’t so famous inside of pop culture, as conceptually, Aquaman is incredibly absurd.

I don’t know much about his comics, especially his modern ones, but in cartoons I watched as a kid, all he did was talk to aquatic life and help with small scale crimes. This isn’t enough to make an entire movie about, especially when every superhero movie requires the main protagonist to literally save the entire world.

The solution that the movie had to this problem was (of course) to make an entire underwater civilization for Aquaman to come from, but write it so that he was raised on the surface, with normal humans. This underwater civilization can create a large enough scale problem for Aquaman to solve, so the movie doesn’t feel less intense than other superhero movies.

The other obvious issue with the source is just how ridiculous the character is. He is a normal-looking human who swims around and can talk to fish, and more recently, uses a trident as a weapon. Even for a superhero, this can be difficult to try to make appealing to a mainstream audience.

Thankfully, the movie doesn’t really take itself seriously, which really plays to it’s benefit. You don’t need to be super invested in the character of Aquaman to enjoy watching him fight dozens of CGI sea creatures on screen, and the writers of the movie knew this. The comedy in the movie also works a lot better when it isn’t super serious.

If you are like myself and were or are skeptical of this movie based due to the recent history of DC movies, specifically the DC Cinematic Universe, then don’t let that fear scare you away from watching this movie, as it is an amazing turnaround from recent flops from DC such as” Justice League” (which had the same character of Aquaman)

What makes this movie different from the other DC movies is definitely the less-serious nature of it, and the super-serious tone is something that previous DC movies such as “Batman vs Superman,” “Man of Steel,” and even “Wonder Woman” were criticized for.

If DC continues their trend of making more fun, lighthearted, popcorn movies, then we might see their studio start to find success.