ASB encourages students to ‘Cram the Stands’


Kenzie Saunders

ASB members cheer during a home gymnastics meet as part of their Cram the Stands project.

Beth Hungerpiller, Editor

You might have heard about ASB starting a new event to help create an inclusive school environment around less attended student events.

After their fall Interhigh meeting at Liberty High School, Mount Si’s ASB decided to start implementing Cram the Stands at sporting events. 

The events are designed to get as large of a student section as possible at sporting and other school events. ASB members have already been to multiple sporting events with this in mind, including the home girls basketball game on Jan. 9 and a home gymnastics meet.

“Our goal is to engage the student body in and out of school events while also supporting students in athletic, academic, and creative pursuits” ASB president Chirag Vedullapalli said.

ASB members have enjoyed the events so far, and encourage other students to attend along with them.

“It is really cool seeing students get together and cheer on activities at [Mount Si] that might not get a large student section. It gets the student body to be involved and engaged in school spirit at events,” Max Madani said.

ASB is planning on having a Cram the Stands for the remainder of the sports for the year as well as going to the spring band and choir Concerts.

The next Cram the Stands is at 11/24 home wrestling meet. The varsity match starts at 7 p.m., and students are encouraged to dress in a blackout theme for the event.