People of Mount Si–Jerry Zhu

Jerry Zhu

Jerry Zhu

Keara Ryan, Staff Reporter




What are you most afraid of?

“I am most afraid of finals right now. I need to get my grades up in some classes and finals dont help. I have an Asian family so that creates some extra stress. I’m told that if I don’t have As I won’t get into college. I think that society puts a lot of pressure on extracurriculars, but it’s impossible to do that and get good grades when both take up so much time. I kinda feel some stress of a 4.0, but now not so much anymore. I have become a lot more lenient with myself and grades recently.”


Do you have any other struggles?

“My biggest struggle has been not having a drivers license and trying to convince my parents to allow me to get one.”


Why do you not have a license?

“When I was learning to drive, my dad let me drive to work. I was panicking because I knew I was running late. I was really bad at turning I didn’t slow down enough. This lead to me hitting a sign with my dad’s car. My dad was in the car and it was kinda scary, but in the end taught me to be safer and more aware of what is happening around me.”