Change to finals schedule


Ezra Bacon-Gershman

Over the weekend, some of our readers may have noticed that the Mount Si High School Website took down the schedule for next week’s finals. No, this does not mean that finals are canceled, but rather that the schedule is changing.

These changes will only affect Friday’s schedule and will be designed to better accommodate for the MLK assembly. Originally, the schedule allowed for a 34-minute assembly and gave period 5-7 one hour each. The MLK assembly is one of the more important assemblies that we hold, as it shows students the issues that people of color experience, both historically and in the present. Being an exceedingly white school, this is even more important for the students to learn about. This need encouraged the changes to the schedule so that more time could be allotted for the assembly.

Monica Niemela removed the previous schedule to avoid confusion for the changed assembly.

“The finals days will be the same,” Niemela said, “so people don’t have to worry about any changes to those, it’s just for Friday planning.”

Principal John Belcher also clarified that these were done to help the part-time teachers. Some of them have other jobs or special arrangements with their family on their typical days off.

We promise to post a finalized version of the schedule once it is published.