Keara Ryan, Staff Reporter

Album – From the Fires

Artist- Greta Van Fleet

Genre- Rock


A mix of Led Zeppelin vocals and blues-rock is what you get when you listen to the album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army,” by Greta Van Fleet.

Through their music, this American teenage band of brothers and their friend from a small town in Michigan are making rock and roll cool again. This band, more specifically their lead singer, Josh Kiszka, is often criticized for being a ripoff of former rock legends, due to their Robert Plant-ish wail. Greta Van Fleet embraces being compared to such rock legends and aspires to be the next big rock band for this generation. Even Robert Plant, lead singer for Led Zeppelin, approves of the band.

Greta Van Fleet was shaped through the sound of the seventies. Through these influences, this album transcends the label of rock and includes several elements of R&B, folk, soul, and blues. This mix of genres and influences allows the album to be relevant to a generation saturated with nostalgia.